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Well... being in college sucks.... I'm starting to hate studying especially to where I took my course because of all those cliche things and social classes are what they live for. College life is really eye opening and if I were to choose, I'd rather chose to not enter college but hey, no people in this world wants what they want without entering a needle's hole.

And so, I've got tons of trad arts stacked in my table and my life is solely devoted to my story: [Fiction]. Though, I might skip a chapter just one because of it's matured content but if you want to read it message me on Facebook. I won't tell you what my account is, all you have to do is remember my name and search for it. I might question you a bit if I'm bored or cautious

:snowflake: HINT: I'm the one sticking my tongue out

Anyway, I might not be active here more often but I'm watching... I'm watching...
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The girl is flustered.

Her cheeks filled with her pinkish glow.

“Just be thankful to her. At least she gave her other clothes.” I say while looking at her in the wall mirror in my bedroom.

“Don’t you think it is…” She looks at her crop shirt, while pulling it down to cover her lovely navel.


“Too much?” She says wrinkling her nose in an adorable way.

“Or do you want me to get you a maid uniform so you could only use that when I’m out.”

She shook her head, turns around to find her own clothes. “No thank you. I’ll manage.” She says and left.

She was wearing a ripped denim shorts, showing of her bottom lining, a crop shirt saying: eat me!

God, if she really wear that, then I’m really going to eat her.

I stood up and unbutton my shirt, I look into my closet and took a sweater. The girl opens the door and gasp, I was about to wear my sweater, and she hurriedly closes the door and I just grin.

She is totally smitten.

“You can come inside now.” I call. I sat at the edge of the bed and took my shoes off.

The door slowly made its creek and she came inside, her head down.

“Something wrong?” I ask when she came in.

“I don’t know where to place these clothes…” She stood at the foot of my bed, starring at the paper bag.

I stood and open an empty drawer. “Here.” I say and open another. “And here.”

She looks and took the paper bag from the floor and places Rebecca’s clothes in the drawer properly.

“If you need extra spaces just call me.” I say, feeling tired from the thing I’ve did to Ms. Red Lady—to please her.

I lie down at the sofa and thought of my past. My life that had been a never-ending series of killing and stealing to each cities I’ve gone through. Until, I met Ms. Red Lady.


“Sir? Sir? Time for dinner.” Her voice seems like an angel had come down to sent me to hell.

It’s fucking hot!

I shot my eyes open and I could feel heat surging to my body, sweat seems to cover me up and down to my body.

“I’ve cook you some soup, sir. You have a fever.” She says as she sits lightly at the coffee table and took a bowl of seemingly delicious chicken soup.

I shook my head, somehow, I don’t feel like eating tonight.

“You need to eat, Sir.” She says placing the delicious soup beside her and let me sat.

It’s weird. It’s winter and yet, I’m sweating really hot here. After a few refusal of eating I took my sweater off, and I ate the girl’s soup. While she lets me eat, I keep on looking at her eyes that seems to wander everywhere but me.

“One last, sir.” She smiles faintly.

I took her hand that holds the spoonful of soup and eat it. She’s wearing the ripped sweater. It was a gift from Rebecca’s 16th ex.

She turns around to take the bowl and was about to leave when I hook my arm around her perfect waist and pulls her down to sit at my lap.

“S-sir, p-please let go of me.”

“Stay here. Don’t leave me, please.” I don’t know what’s coming into my mind, I don’t know what I’m doing.

“Sir. You need to sleep first.”

“Don’t leave me, please. Tell me you’ll stay.” I lighten my wrap in her waist.

“I won’t leave, sir.” She smiles. “I owe you my life.”

It was enough for me to be assure that she won’t leave and so I fall asleep.

I woke up with my fears had taken up from me. I look everywhere and she was gone.

It was quiet.

It’s empty.

It’s close.

The air seems to thicken.

I feel claustrophobic.

I stood and walk towards my bedroom, to see if she’s asleep now. As I open the door. I found no one. And history seems to repeat from me. I ran toward the door, never care if I’m shirtless or not. I just want to find her. Somehow, my stamina seems to weaken, I could feel the hallway seems to reach up to the end of hell. Half of my weight was carried by the wall as I walk toward the elevator. As I wait, the elevator flung open and I found her.

The heavy burden seems to lift up. And I felt assured. I found her face surprise.

“What are you doing? You’re shirtless. You’re going to have a cold.” She took me by my arms and support my weight.

I laugh. “I’am sick, can’t you see?”

“Don’t laugh about me with your fever, Sir.” She says opening the door.

She let me sit at the couch and went to the kitchen to get some water.

“You need to drink these.” She says, as she come back giving me a few capsules in my hands.

“You can’t do that to me.” I shook my head.

“Why can’t I?”

“I don’t like drinking these.” I say while playing them. “Oh, look it’s liquid.” I say placing the capsule near a light.


“You’ve got lovely legs.” I say  looking at her short shorts.

“D-drink them, sir!” She’s flustered.

“I don’t know how to drink them.”


“I can’t drink them.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know how.”

“How could you say that? Have you had fever before?”

I thought back to my past life, and my head seems to hurt. “Twelve years old.” I twitch.

She hung her mouth open.

“Fine.” She grumbles and took the capsules in from my hand.

“Are you going to drink them?” I call.

“I’m going to let you drink them.” She calls from the kitchen.

My head seems to grew heavy and I walk towards my bedroom and there I lie down.

“Sir?” She peek her head out and brought a glass of water and the bottle of medicine.

“No” I moan. “I don’t want them.” I cover myself with the blanket.

“Sir. I’ll do it for you.” She says calmly as she places the glass of water at the side table, place a few capsule in her mouth pour some water in it and she leans in forward placing her mouth in mine opening my mouth with her tongue and pushes the water and the capsules inside my me.

My eyes grew open, I wanted to push her but, I don’t have the energy to do so. And finally, the capsules  was inside of me now.

The girl sits at my torso as she looks at me seriously but her face is completely flustered. She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and was about to move away from me until I hold her wrist and push her in the bed.

“Stay.” I whisper in her ears.

“S-sir but I have to—”

“Don’t mind everything. They can wait.”

And I kiss her.

[Fiction] VIII
Oh no......... my baby Seven has a fever :( My poor baby.... oh well, at least Alice is there with him but what are they doing?!

find out in the next chapter :snowflake:

Hope you like this chapter, if you do you can go to my profile and read from the start :heart:

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Morning came and my laptop dried its battery out.

The soft warmth of the laptop in my thigh comforts me for no reason. I look around and found Gus was nowhere to be seen. I place my laptop in the coffee table and suddenly realize the smell of butter and batter, the faint smell of hot chocolate makes my stomach rumble.

I stood up and walk at the kitchen while I rub my eyes. “Gus I—”

“You’re friend is not here.” Says the girl.

I look up and found her in her horrid clothes again.

What a day to piss me off.

“Where’s he?”

“He says your boss just called an hour ago and then left telling me to let you eat breakfast first before following him.” She says as she mixes the batter.

“Not gonna happen girl.” I say coldly. I turn my heels around and she spoke again.

“He says if you didn’t listen to me he’ll—” I hear her stop mixing the batter. I turn my head around and look at her.

“He’ll what?”

“He’ll—J-just please eat the breakfast, Sir?” I found her eyes teary and her cheeks a little flustered.

I took a big sigh. “Fine but tell me what he told you after.”

I notice her swallow up her fears and turns her back at me. I walk back to the living room and watch her do our breakfast. She was wearing her ridiculously ugly shirt and her long skirt that reach her ankles. Her dry hair is tied up, loose hairs seems to fit her completely. She took small glances at me and I just grin.

I might want her after all…

It was a great relief that she didn’t burn the pancakes.

I watch her eat her food as I sip the hot chocolate. She took small pieces and forks them up, opens her mouth a little and eats. She never took a glance at me.

“So.” I say and she jumps. “What did Gus told you?”

She stop playing with the syrup in her pancakes and slowly chews her food.

“Well? I’m waiting.” I raise my eyebrow.

“H-he said…”

The silence took my time for a minute or two.

“What is it?” I say a little impatient.

“H-he’ll punish me…”

I remember that word. That’s the word he keeps on saying to some whores he’d hook himself up. Punish them to the means of using bondage and whips.

“He’ll never do it as long as you belong to me.” I say darkly.

Her green eyes grew wide as she stares at me. “I do not belong to anyone, Sir.”

“Then why call me Sir?” I raise my eyebrow. “If you could remember, you owe me your life. And so, as a replacement. I took you here to be paid as my housekeeper.” I lean in closer to her and look at her eyes. “You will do as I please you to do.” I grin, and she blushes. “Clean the dishes after you eat.” I say as I stood up and left her.

>Ms.Red Lady’s House<

I hear her orgasm takes in. And after a few seconds, she giggles.

“Hi Daddy!” Sings Rebecca, Ms. Red Lady’s daughter.

She’s 17 years old, completely not a virgin anymore. How? Well, like mother like daughter. And of course, while I’m here I always see her wear skimpy clothes, though she always wears skimpy clothes anywhere.

She skips her way towards me holding some paper bags.

She puts them down and sat at my lap to kiss my cheek.

And she’s not really my daughter, she just likes to call me ‘daddy’.

“How is work?” She asks.

“Fine. Just being pressured by your mother.”

“Oh you know her. She likes to be pressured.” She winks and giggles.

“How is your boyfriend?” I ask her. She gets to have new boyfriends every month.

“He’s fine.” She says playing in my chest. “But he’s so hot. He’s a keeper, dad.” She smiles at me. “Oh, let’s not talk about me; let’s talk about you, dad.”

“What do you want to know?” I ask adjusting my sit and she let her legs wide apart, giving me the full view of her. “Will you please wear proper clothes for once?”

“But it is proper.” She gave me a puppy dog eyes.

I roll my eyes at her.

“Enough small talks and let’s get down to business. Who is that girl inside your condo?”

“Just a new house keeper. And didn’t she told you the whole story?”

“Yeah. She did, but I want to know it from you.” She unstraps her bra.

“Why so?” I ask and straps them back.

“Because the girl is totally smitten on you.” She giggles. She leans in and places her mouth near my ear. “Have you fucked her yet?” She whispers, moving around her chest in mine.

“Not yet.”

She sat back and smiles. “So you do have a plan.”

“Fuck her with my dick would be fine.” I nod as I imagine it.

Rebecca stares back, her mouth wide open.

Everyone of them knew I’m still a virgin. Since I do not want any whore or prostitute to fuck then it would be really fine if I fuck a virgin, especially if she’s an innocent girl like her.

“Seven.” Calls Gus who just came out of Ms. Red Lady’s playroom.

He walks like an old drunk man. “You seemed to be pretty amuse today.” He grins. And I’m right, he is drunk.

Rebecca stands and sat beside me. “Get lost, Agustus.” Rebecca glares at him.

“Honey, Baby.” He let out his arms open. “How are ya?”

“Oh just go fuck yourself.” She stands and smiles at me. “Give these clothes to her. Don’t worry, their proper clothes.” She winks.

She left trying to avoid Gus’ zone who wants to hug her.

“Yeah. Go fuck yourself, Gus. You just fuck her mother.” I say as I took Rebecca’s paper bags.

“Well, I can’t deny they’re a hot family.” He grins like a maniac.

I roll my eyes.

“What is that?” He points at the paper bag and sits beside me.

“For the girl.” I say blandly.

Gus grins.

I look back at him with a glare.

“She told you didn’t she?”

I stood up and gave him a swing of my fist right in his face.

Blood slowly drips his mouth and he just spat it out of Ms. Red Lady’s white sofa.

“That’s for telling her shitty things.” I say while I exercise my fist.

He grins and holds his jaws to turn his head in my way. “Protective, huh?”

“Don’t scare an innocent girl like that.”

“Didn’t… scare her…”

“Really? You didn’t scare her?” I raise my eyebrow.

“Just… see… how… you react…” He grins painfully.

“And now you know.” I gave him one last glare.

“Seven.” Ms. Red Lady calls happily. “Have you fucked her?” She smiles.

I shook my head.

She was wearing her usual red velvet robe that seems to compliment her pale white skin completely. Her hair is newly dyed with red, red nail polish painted in her nails and toes. And of course, her signature red lips.

“How so? Becca says she’s hot.” She smiles evilly.

“How could she say that if the girl is wearing her coveralls.”

“You know my girl, Seven.” She winks.

She sat down at the ottoman and gestures for me to sit right in front of her. “So, the investigation?”

I told her the whole process of the investigation, and gave her the list of the possible daughters of the President.

“May I ask one thing?” Gus leans in forward.

“Yes?” Ms. Red Lady looks up from the paper.

“Why do you want Mr. Mc’Brinewood’s family gone?”

Ms. Red Lady’s smile fades, her eyes seems to look deep inside Gus’ soul; even the way she sat gone stiff. I observe her actions closely.

“That is none of your business.” Her tone had gone serious.

“How so? We are investigating him. How could we possibly make things easier if you’re hiding something from us?”

“Then stay where you are. You don’t need my reasons to lighten up the investigation if you know where you’re going.”

“Then why don’t you do it for yourself?” I say.

Ms. Red Lady stares at me for a while. Then she gave me a plaster smile. “Would you please to go back to your past, Seven?”

Ms. Red Lady is the one who took me in. And I owe my life for her, that’s why I’ am working for her, not because I want to I just want to pay everything that she’d done for me. For all the care and medications she had given to overcome all those things I had dread in life.

“No, Ma’am.” I say sternly.

She stands and crumples the paper in her hands.

“See me in my office after lunch, Seven.”

And she walks away.

[Fiction] VII
Hi Guys. :wave:
It's been a long time since I haven't updated my precious Fiction story but unfortunately 1 month has passed since I started my school and damn. Being a freshman student in college is hard.
but kidding aside, I can't link the last and next chapters, actually while I'm updating I'm doing my H.W in adv. algebra. I can probably die now *fake fainting*
so, here's the story. Seven is starting to fall for the girl :)
Hope you like the chapter. :snowflake:
If you want to follow the story just go to my profile page and you'll see them immediately at my gallery folder
until next time :wave:

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She burned my condominium.

Although not literally but my place is covered with smoke. I hurriedly place the box down beside the sofa and headed in the kitchen. I found her holding a non-stick spatula, wearing a yellow gingham apron over her clothes, coughing even if she covers her nose. I quickly took the small fire extinguisher from the cabinet below the sink and extinguishes the smoke.

After the smoke dissipates I found the burned food covered in a black layer spotted with the foam  I just used.

I pinch the bridge from my nose and gave her a stare. “Why did you cook it?”

“I-it’s for dinner. I didn’t mean to burn it.” She took a few steps back with her head tucked low, her body is shaking madly.

I try to control my temper, breathing in and out and glare at her again. “Have you ever cooked before?”

She nods while her body shakes.

“Then how come you’ve burned a fish?” I gesture at the burned fish.

“I-I’m sorry I-I-I’m sorry I-I-I’m s-so sorry.” She stammers backing away a little while her body still shakes.

Still trying to control my temper, I look everywhere and notice that somehow the smoke seem to disappear. Gus must have open the window. I curl my hands into fists and was about to talk to her again when my phone vibrates.

“Seven.” I sternly say.

“Oh, Stern Seven, any problem baby?” Ms. Red Lady says dropping her voice low.

“Just. Hired a housekeeper last night and I never knew she doesn’t know any housekeeping shits.” I say not even realizing that my eyes had landed on her taking off the apron.

I’ve never seen that skirt before… did she just bought it?

“By the way, honey. My daughter just visited your condo a couple of hours ago and seems to have found your housekeeper. She says the one you hired is so innocent. Why not give her a taste.”

I took a big sigh and roll my eyes. “You know I hate affairs.”

“My daughter just told me that you got mad because she just rolled her eyes?”

And her rolling eyes kept me alive again. I don’t know for me but, when a girl rolls her eyes at me I could get violent.  Just as when Ms. Red Lady had rolled her eyes at me a few months ago, and I made her pussy bleed

No one fucked her for a month.

“Thank you for the wonderful idea.” I grin while looking at her bending down and showing off her innocence right in front of me.

“With all my pleasure, dear. I could’ve rolled my eyes at you instead and I’ll be so happy.”

“Too tired. You know how lazy I’ am.” I pause, I placed my phone in my chest and talked to the girl. “Hey, clean your mess up.”

Her body shakes but nods anyway.

“When will I ever feel yours, baby?”

“I ain’t never sticking it out to anyone, dear.”

I may be a toy for her but never in my whole life have I ever stuck mine with a woman before. Not that I’m gay or anything, I’m seriously turned on right now but sadly I still need to wait for some hours to taste her. The only thing Ms. Red Lady has ever done with me is blowjob. And I either stuck my fingers on her, or a dildo or another toy to keep her sanity.

She sighs long enough to be a moaning sex. “Oh, my daughter just gave her her clothes and went out of your hotel  in a bikini.” She giggles.

“Huh. I noticed.” Eyeing her again, she has smooth legs…

“Anyway, Gus texted me that you two are almost there finding out who the lost daughter is. I hope you find her soon.”

“We’re on it.” I say.

“Fuck her hard, baby.” She cheers.

“With all my efforts.”

And I ended the call.

“Is she calling?” Gus asked as he appeared beside me.

I nod but my eyes can’t stop look at her legs.

“Did she told you to punish her?” Gus whispered.

I look at her if she would turn her head or stop working. “Yes. She did.”

“Will you do it?”

“She’s too young.”

Gus looks at the girl then pulls me outside of my condo unit and walked for right to the end of the hallway.

“But that doesn’t mean you try to stop yourself.”

“She’s too young.”

“Please.” Gus rolls his eyes. “I’ve known you for like 5 years now, Seven. And I know you’re tempted, I just saw you looking at her ass.”

“I wasn’t looking for her ass.”

“You were looking at her fuck-able legs.”

I smile.

“See? You are tempted.”

“But that doesn’t mean I have to do it.”

“Dude, she just rolled your eyes at you. Would you leave that thing behind?”

Honestly, for the whole day, the only thing that’s running in my mind is her rolling her eyes at me like a broken cd. Oh, the things I could do to her. The imagination is endless.

Gus pats my back hard with a wide grin on his face. “That’s my boy.”

Gus bought our dinner tonight. And since we’re not the only one eating, we have to slightly double up the grocery. And I’m left with the girl.  I’m in the living room with the boxes trying to arrange them chronologically. Until I found her’s, she has a dry brown hair that seemed to be long for the ID picture to fit so assumingly her hair must have reached at her upper torso, her emerald green eyes seems familiar, like I’ve seen that kind of eyes before, a beautiful rounded nose, her lips were sort of pale but soft. I realize that I’ve never looked at her like this before; maybe it’s just I don’t like looking at people for that long.

“Seven, open up.” Gus calls.

I place her files back at the box and open the door.

Gus shows up in my door holding some on-the-go food brought in a convenience store. “Dinner.”

We ate our dinner and the girl is washing the dishes. I took a nice warm bath before decoding that shit. And went inside my room. I just took some loosed pants and a v-neck shirt, and I’m fine. As I open the door, her figure stood before me, surprised as I might be. From my mind, I try to compare her looks from then and now.

Her hair is red brown when directed in the light, shiny curls framed her small face, giving an edge with her bangs. She have small freckles at her upper cheeks, small parted lips puckered at her lower lip, a rosy tint that somehow amazes me.

“Hey Seven, took you so long.” Gus calls.

Everything was just fine, it is. And Gus is the kill joy. The girl stunned and seems to be aloof like a retarded girl. I move pass her and walk towards her like nothing happen.

“Why? Did you find anything?” I ask as I sat beside him.

“Everything’s fine…” His voice falters.

“Right.” I roll my eyes and took the papers he’s holding.

It’s Crissy Anabelle Rodriguez’ profile.

“What’s wrong with her papers?” I say while reading her profile.

“She’s the student council president.”


“Sooo… why didn’t the president approached her the moment the president visited their school for their senior year?”

I looked at her papers, the old school newspaper clip with her other documents. It’s true, the president didn’t approach her back then. It was a different girl.

“Who do you think it might be?”

Gus rummages through the box and took a thin profile of a girl named: Angela Thompson.

He gave me her documents, groans and leans back at the sofa, somewhat tired.

“This girl?” I ask raising an eyebrow. The girl doesn’t seem to be significant. The girl looks…


I turn my laptop on and search for Mr. Jack Mc’Brinewood’s pictures. I placed Angela Thompson’s prof-ile beside the laptop and compare her picture with his’. I knew instantly that they weren’t related, just one look from their eyes makes the difference. Mr. Mc’Brinewood’s eyes is green, her’s is hazel. The girl has a straight nose pointed up quite the opposite of Mr. Mc’Brinewood’s. The shape of her face is oval not square.

I took her documents and threw it at an emptied box.

“What’s wrong?” Gus asks who seems to have woken up with the light  thud of the paper from the box.

“She’s not the right girl.” I say as I took the pile of box filled with all of the girls documents. I took all the documents of the batch who comes first before their batch and threw them all away.

“Hey. Why are you throwing them away?”

“He never visit in the events of the school from the batch before the last batch who graduated. He becomes more active in the last batch.”

“How do you say so?”

I took a big sigh and took random documents in the throw away box and place them in his lap making him jump. “Read their documents.”

Gus did what he was told and read them.

“You’re right. The only event he visited in their batch is their graduation.”

“Obviously, because he’s a benefactor of the school.”

“Then why would he be so active in the last batch?”

“Obviously because his daughter is in their batch.” I say sarcastically.

“Then he already knew who his daughter is?”

I took a moment of silence to think of it. It might also be right. Since the only batch he visited was the last batch to graduate. Then, whoever might this girl be knew there was something wrong the moment she enters the orphanage. I search for the president’s bibliography and read them all.

And this might be the end of my search.

[Fiction] VI
So here's [Fiction] VI
okay..... I think my Seven is falling for the girl *looks away dramatically*
I hope Seven will be okay (my boy's growing so fast) *cries*
:snowflake: Last Chapter:…


>Gaitlin High’s Accounting Office<

“I’m counting that this mission is a failure.” Gus says adjusting his tie.

“Since when did my plans go to failure?” I raise him an eyebrow.

“Woah. Easy tiger, you’ve been hot-headed since you got out of the shower. Any plumbing problem?”

“No plumbing. That girl I took in, she just rolled her eyes at me.” I say while buttoning my suit.

“Seven, are you really serious?”

“Since when did I joke?”

“She’s a girl. Eighteen years old, not a college student, innocent; And you’re going to abuse her?” He says as he counts them in his fingers.

“I don’t abuse minor kids.” I say as I got out of the car.

Trying to get rid of that rolling eyes bit at my mind—I might kill her after this mission.

I walked up at the back of the car and open the trunk, I took the suitcase and opened the gun holder at the edge of the car. Ms. Red Lady owns dozens of this, from close-range to long-range are here—all  complete in this long silver rectangular case. I took a small gun, and placed it at the hidden pocket in my suit.

“You’ve got a gun?” Gus asks suddenly behind my back.

“You need one too.” I say giving out the same model I just placed in my suit.

“I never leave home without one.” He grins.

I stared at him as if he’s insane. How could he even enter my condo without being detected that he always had one at his pocket?

“Why aren’t you in jail now?”

“Because this gigolo have skills.” He pats my shoulder and left.

>Acounting Office<

“This is Detective Lives and my partner Walters.” I say as I revealed my detective I.D.

“How may I help you two gentlemen?” A sweet old lady asked, she has this curly gray hair clipped with a pink ribbon at the side, overdone cheek make-up—whatever they call it, and a really pink lips. Acting young but dying fast.

“We are here to look for the last two batches’ profiles. Can we look?”

“What is it for?”

“We are investigating Mr. Jack Mc’Brinewood’s case.”

The old lady’s eyes lit up. “Oh, of course. Right this way.” The woman stood up from her seat and went to a door where we could be inside And not talking behind these glass.

I walked up at the back finding a sliver of an open door, the old lady opened the door wide enough for us to see her, nods and gestures for us inside.

We were led to another room, this time the area was dark, the old lady was grasping something in the air until we heard a ‘click’ sound, yellow lights filled every aisle of old archive profiles. The dust fogs the floor and roams around my eyes. Every student’s profile were here from the day the school was built up until now.

“Of course, we still have their back-up profile at this machine, just outside here.” The old lady says going farther down to the left aisle.

“We need the original copies.” I say.

The old lady paused to turn with her lined eye brow arched up. “Excuse me?”

“We need the originals, ma’am.” Gus repeated.

“We don’t give out original copies. It is the school’s property.”

“Then can we just xerox them?”

“Fine by me.” She says and turn walking by the last aisle. “These files have extended up to the last five years.”

“Are the orphaned students files were separated with the regular students?” I ask.

The old lady looked up and blinked at me. “Of course. It’s by the edge. Now if you need me you know where I will be find.” She says and left.

“Seven look.” Gus says pointing to the thick bounded orphaned file. “That must be her.”

I stoop down and took the student’s profile. And I wouldn’t expect to find her here.

“Hey. It’s that girl.” Gus says peeking.

The papers here are the documents she held. The orphaned document from where she once lived, Student’s profile, Clinic profile, behavioral profile, a copy of her report cards and other papers that consists of the contests from in and out of the school she’d competed.

“Well, she seems busy in high school.”

“Get all the files of these girls.” I say taking a teared down paper with the orphan’s names.

He nods once and took the student’s profiles.

Her name is Diana Alice Weidersehen, was adopted by the age of 17 by a German guy and his American wife. The copy of the adoption papers were here too. There was also this old newspaper where the front page is the President almost shaking her hands.

I look down and found another file almost as thick as this girl.

“Gus, Can you give me that one?” I pointed at the lowest shelf.

Crissy Anabelle Rodriguez

The first orphaned president.

“These are everyone…” Gus says as he stands, he points his finger down  to a piled documents beside him.

“Great, now we just have to xerox them.”

After for how many hours sitting down beside the xerox machine with a trash filled paper jams and a half filled bottle of ink, we are done.

“Man I couldn’t get over with that girl.” Gus smiles like a killer while carrying a box filled with documents.

“Stop being pedophilic again.” I say as I place the box at the back seat.

“I’ am not.” Gus laughs. “The girl is just too hooked up on me.”

“And you just let yourself in.” I rolled my eyes.

“Hey. The baby likes to be fed.” Gus says lighting up the cigarette stick.

“Will you ever stop smoking?” I raise him an eyebrow.

“Will you ever stop being so cold to every girl you’ve met?” He raises his eyebrow.

“Never.” I say as I enter inside the car.

“Oh, you might never know, you’ll fall for that maid of yours.” Gus grins.

“Like that would ever happen.” I say as I rolled my eyes.

“Hey, as they say, love is blind.”

“Better yet I could make your eyes stop working.”

“Tsk. Fine.” Gus grumbles as he drove away from this choking school.

[Fiction] V
So here's the new chapter (claps)
:rose: Helpful Note: The girl that Gus was talking about was a different girl who just passes by the Accounting Office of the school, not the old lady (My Gus has his standards...)
Anyway hope you guys like it :snowflake
:snowflake: Last Chapter:…
Well... being in college sucks.... I'm starting to hate studying especially to where I took my course because of all those cliche things and social classes are what they live for. College life is really eye opening and if I were to choose, I'd rather chose to not enter college but hey, no people in this world wants what they want without entering a needle's hole.

And so, I've got tons of trad arts stacked in my table and my life is solely devoted to my story: [Fiction]. Though, I might skip a chapter just one because of it's matured content but if you want to read it message me on Facebook. I won't tell you what my account is, all you have to do is remember my name and search for it. I might question you a bit if I'm bored or cautious

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