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Dr3am by Noxifer
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Hi! so here I' am again :XD: :snowflake: VISION - the theme of your work and the title blends beautifully, I can perfectly picture what your work re...

Parallelism by Mattchewbackaar

Hi! I like the concept of your parallel world. It's so creepy... ;) The lighting doesn't seem to fit with the dark background, I noticed...

Mechanical Animals by Noxifer
by Noxifer

Hi! It's me again :) When I saw your work I was about to back out of my laptop because it's like she was about to attack me :XD: Anyway, I ...


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>Golden Café and Resto Bar<

“Where do you think we would start?”

“Think like a parent, if you’re in the president’s situation, where could you possibly find your lost daughter?”

Gus scoffs. “Obviously the Orphanage”

I took a piece of tissue from its holder and took a pen out, I wrote all the locations Gus memorizes me. “From all of these locations, only these two are the places we need to look for her.” I say encircling the 123 Duckling St. and the Gaitlin High.

Gus twitches his eyes for not understanding. “This street is the only street where we could find an orphanage in this city. And second, Gaitlin High is the only school where they accept orphaned kids who wants to study. So it would probably mean that the President already knew this kid but haven’t taken her yet because we killed him.”

Gus snaps his finger as if having an idea. “Speaking of which, I found adoption papers by the study table, they were the only papers out before I rummage at the drawers.”

“Are there anything written there?”

Gus frowned. “Unfortunately, there is only a single letter.”

“And the letter is?”


Hmmm… A… roughly at the age of 14 to 19, could possibly be found in an orphanage house. And if she is lost then, they must have the kid’s birth certificate.

I stood up too quickly that my chair screeched, giving a lot of attention to me, I looked at the people then sat back down. “We have to get back to the house.”

Gus frowns. “Great idea, when every one of the crew members of that fucked up corporation is in that house for the investigation.” He hisses at me.

Which reminds me… “Have you ever thrown that detective ID?” I say grinning at him.

>President’s House<

“About time!” The old man with an oily bald spot exasperated his arms as he approaches us.

“Sorry for the delay.” I tilt my hat down.

“Dr. Wheisson.” The old man extended his arms.

“Lives,” I extended my arms and shook his. “Detective Lives, and this is my partner, Walters.” I gestured to Gus.

“Please to meet you, Walters.” Dr. Wheisson extended his arms.

“The pleasure is all mine.” Gus shook his hand.

“Now, what seems to be the problem here?” I ask.

“We would like you to investigate, who could possibly be the one who killed our president, and I need you to find some documents of a certain girl.”

I glance at Gus for a moment but drifted away.

“A girl?”

“Not their little girl, this girl is quite older than her.”

“Right. How old?”

“Possibly 20 to 21.”

“Do you know the name?”

Dr. Wheisson opened his mouth to say something but his brows suddenly knits together as if trying to remember the name. The doctor shook his head in dismay. “I’m sorry, I can’t remember the name, but if you could rummage through the papers and the vaults, possibly you could find this girl easily.”

I nod trying to let him know that I’m on their side.

“Wait, did you just say vaults?”

 “The president told me that he hides his important documents in the vaults.”

“Do you happen to know the password?”

“It’s the name of their daughter.”

“Which daughter?”

Dr. Wheisson shook his head. “That I don’t know.”

“Dr. Wheisson, we need you here!” One of his coworkers say at the second floor waving his arms.

“Anyway, the information is enough. I’d better go. Just call out my name if you found some things.” He say and left.

“Fuck.” I curse. “Do you remember the little girl’s name?”

“I believe it’s Lilian.”

I took a heavy sigh. “Alright. Let’s find the fucking vaults.”

We have to ask some crewmembers if they ever found any vaults but they don’t know where it is. We’ve been looking for Dr. Wheisson as well but we couldn’t find him. We stood at the same place where we killed the president and it’s wife, the outlined of their body’s position is outlined with a chalk.

“Where do rich people hide their most precious treasures?”

Gus shrugs. “I’m not that rich, Sev.”

“Then where do you think Ms. Red Lady hides her precious treasures?”

“In her room? Basement? Attic? Or the Backyard?”

A hand touched my shoulder, making me instinctively held my gun under my jacket and turn my head.

It was only Dr. Wheisson.

“Find any clues?”

“Do you happen to know where the vaults might be hidden?”

“It might be in some of their rooms.”

We were given a xerox copy of the architect’s drawing of the President’s house. We lay them before the sala at the dining area, took a pencil from my jacket and encircle each of the bedrooms, the master’s bedroom, their daughter’s bedrooms, two guest rooms and three bedrooms at the ground floor for the maids and the chef’s. I cross out the three bedrooms at the ground floor.

“These three bedrooms doesn’t have any significance to the president since they just work for him and he’s taking them for granted.” I pointed each of the family’s bedrooms. “These makes a great significance to the president.”

Gus pointed out to the two guest’s bedrooms. “How about these two. Surely they rarely have guest’s here who would stay overnight. If there is, one must be occupied while the other is not, one is mostly used while the other wasn’t never used at all.”

I pointed my pencil to the lost daughter’s bedroom. “This was never used by anyone aside from the lost daughter for what? 20 to 21 years? Hypothetically speaking. If so, the family is the only one who can access the lost daughter’s bedroom, say that you lost your mother, would you let others look into her bedroom? Even if they still had asked you a permission?”

Gus frowned. “Of course not. Unless, she died there with an unexplainable scenes.”

“Exactly. And because, the girl is just lost then only the family members are able to enter the room. They don’t want others to know what happened.”

“How would you know they don’t want others to know?”

“Because, if you could recall, the headlines for the news papers were ‘the lost daughter’ or whatnot, but the article never states what’s the story behind the disappearance of their daughter.”

“Alright. So we check the lost daughter’s room.” Gus says.

“We could also check the unused guest bedroom.”

We nod at once and went to look for Dr. Wheisson. We found him at the backyard were they have that metal detector thing, finding for some treasure, I guess.

Dr. Wheisson found us and he smiles, revealing wrinkles and creases in his face. “Anything I could do for you, detectives?”

“Are every rooms in this house open?” I ask.

Dr. Wheisson frowned. “Unfortunately, no.”

“Then, is there a master’s key in this house?”

“Of course.” He says and took something out from his lab coat. “Here” He says giving me the key with a silver sort of stick as a key chain.

I took it from his hands and thanked him before we left.

“You seem too nice today.” Gus mutters.

“Just to show of those imbeciles.”

We went upstairs. Finding the master’s bedroom and Lilian’s were open. I turn to find, little Lilian’s body was gone but her blood stained the pillow, her blanket and her bed sheet.

“Make me go to sleep, mister.” She murmurs. “I want to see my parents.”

My mind couldn’t seem to get rid of Lilian’s last words. It was as if she already knew that her parents died and just played innocent.

Just next to Lilian’s bedroom is her older sister’s bedroom. We stood there for a while, and use the key and turn. Slowly, I open the door, finding her room with too much light. The sun soaked the pink room with soft light, lights that could warm up your body. And I was right, the lost daughter is lost. There is still that faint smell of baby powder after all these years. Her bed untouched, no creases or whatnot.

I took my black gloves from my jacket and wore them.

I’ve touched some things, open some drawers and looked under her bed.

“Maybe it’s hidden from those stuff toys.” Gus pointed out.

From a corner near the window, there is an area there where it is covered in play mats, wide enough for a baby to play, a small yellow beanie bag, 2 big toddler sized teddy bears, and surrounded by those bears are the small ones. But the formation of the small teddy bears are odd. It was as if the 2 teddy bears are hiding something and the small ones covered it’s obvious spots. Quickly, I took off all of the bears until I found a small vault, almost the sized of a small fridge.

“Great thinking, Gus.” I grin.

[Fiction] III
Okay.... I hear some people are getting addicted to my stories and I thank all of you for that :heart:
In this next chapter, they're just solving the mystery of the lost daughter. Will they ever find this girl? And more importantly, will they be able to kill her?
:snowflake: Have a nice reading! :wave:… <<-- Last Chapter
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)


The alarm is killing me.

I took the alarm from the desk and threw it hard on the floor.

The small contraption has shattered in bits. And the noise stops.

I can finally sleep again…

“Don’t hate the alarm for reminding you that you’re late.” Ms. Red Lady says sitting at the edge of the bed.

“Late for what?” I murmur sleepily.

“Your job, dear.” She rubs my shoulder and her voice drops seductively.

I moan and stood up. And took my pants from the floor, I hung my undershirt and my jacket at my other shoulder. “I’ll be leaving.” I say as I lightly close the door.

I wore my undershirt and left the building. Taking the taxi and let the driver drove from my hotel. I fix my fucked up hair and rub my face repeatedly to wake myself.

My phone vibrates in my pants. I took it out and answer the call.

“Seven, where are you?” Oh, it’s Gus.

“I’m on my way to my hotel.” I groggily say.

“Just woken up?”

“Yeah” I rub my other eye. “Where are you anyway?”

“Mc’Brinewood. Just a few walk from your hotel.”

“Of course I know that, but can’t you let me rest just for a day?”

Gus laughs. “We’re waiting, dude. You’d better hurry up.”

“We?” I repeat.

“Simon and I.”

I roll my eyes. The taxi stops and I look from the window. I took my gigolo money from my pants and that’s what I paid. I hurriedly enter inside and chase the opened elevator.

“Wait, wait” I say while stopping the elevator door to close.

A young woman covered in all sorts of clothes was surprised. She clutches her black sketchpad in her chest. I enter inside and call out my floor from the elevator guy.

The silence is filled with the elevator music.

Once the elevator opens to my floor, I hurriedly walked to my room. I could still feel the young woman staring at me. Looking for my key in my pants, I entered my room and jump at my couch for a couple of sleep.

My phone vibrates; I lazily took it from my pants and answer the call.


“Where the fuck are you, Seven?” Gus’ angrily say.

“Home.” I groggily stand and head at the shower.

“Didn't I tell you to get here as fast as you could?”

“The couch is tempting.” I say turning the heater on.

“Well get your fucking ass here as fast as you could before they leave.”

“Why can’t you just tie them up so they won’t escape?”

“They’re on a meeting, since no one could operate their corporation anymore, they’d better close it down since the President doesn't have any relatives anymore.”

“Well that’s not our fault if The Red Lady wants us to kill each and every one of the President’s relatives.”

“We’ll talk more if you get here. Simon is itching to kill every one of them.”

I hung up the call.

I really don’t care if anyone of the Lady’s gigolos is itching to kill someone. I’ am far more superior to the Lady than them.


“What took you so long?” Gus exasperatedly threw up his arms.

“I took a shower.” I barely open my mouth.

“For an hour?!” He says looking at his watch.

I shrug.

“They already left.” Simon says placing his hands at his pocket.

“There’s still the CCTV.”

    “As if, their security is too high.”

“Just the same security as the President’s house.” I raise my eyebrow at Gus. “And we broke in. It’s easy.”

The gentle snow falls, signaling for Christmas. I hate Christmas; it just gives me those dreams again. I couldn't even say this to anyone not even Gus. It’s just a weird dream that keeps resurfacing from me every December. It makes me go crazy, for the whole month, the only thing you’ll be dreaming is the same shit every single night, seeing the same girl standing in the snowstorm, same position, same look, same place and time.

“Sev, Seven. Why are you standing there?” Gus hisses.

I shook myself off from my shitty daydream and enter inside. The room was dark, and just like what I've suspected, there were no guards anymore since no one’s working inside anymore.

A dim yellow light lit up the room just barely.

An old man holding a broom had his eyes wide, surprise that he have visitors from the storage room.

(What kind of Storage do they have? They have two doors!)

“Simon.” Gus orders.

Simon gives a devilish smile.

The old man had his eyes wide open, and dropped his broom while he’s being chased by Simon. In a matter of seconds, the old man cried out, hearing clearly how his bones cracked.

Silence took in while Simon appeared from the dark room.

“Satisfied?” Gus raises an eyebrow.

“Hell, yeah.” Simon grins.

And we enter inside where the Simon killed the old man.

I think I stepped on the old man’s hand…

His thin, writhed hands cracked beneath by feet.

“So, what happened to you and Ms. Red Lady?” Gus whispered, but it doesn't seem like he’s whispering since the three of us are the only living human here.

I took a really long sigh. “The usual. She seems addicted to me.”

“She does. It’s like you’re Joe’s replacement.”

I made a disgusted look. “She already has a husband. And she killed him.”

“She might be weird but she’s still hot.”

“But I still hate her.”

“God, I miss tasting her, her smell is too addicting.”

“Speaking like a true gigolo.” I rolled my eyes.

We stopped at a door that says:

Control Room

Gus knelt down to open the knob, as he was sure the door is open, he stands up and turn the knob. We walked inside and found that the computers’ shut down.

“Open the computers, Simon.” Gus orders.

He took a small flashlight from his back pocket and lit it from the fuse box. He held the flashlight in between his mouth and started fidgeting the wires. Sparks fly but he never flinch, it’s like he’s prone of every sparks.

“Now back to Ms. Red Lady, do you really hate her that much? I mean, before you’ll hate someone, there must be a reason first right?”

I took a big sigh, getting boring from all of his questions. “In general, I hate prostitutes.”

Gus wanted to talk back but the computer screen started to work. Simon stared at Gus for other orders but I gave him the orders.

“Search for the last CCTV footage.”

Simon nods and did his work.

I looked into his work and he stopped at a certain box and clicked a video. The media player plays the video.

An old man with an oily bald spots stood at his other members walking from left to right as he talks. “…we’ll be run down by other companies because of this.”

“Not to mention that the president doesn't have any other relatives left. How could we possibly—” A woman’s voice.

“Unless, we find their lost daughter.” The old man made a stop gesture.

Gus and I exchange looks.

“But where would we start?” Says a young man.

“Surely, the president has some places in mind where he could find his lost daughter, and I know where he would hide those documents.”

Hope filled those workers, talking to each other.

“For now, we would temporarily shut this company down and look for the lost daughter.”

“If we don’t see her?”

“Then, I will operate this company we have no other choice.” The old man looked at their faces. “We may now leave.” And the CCTV turned black.

“Lost daughter, eh?” Gus said deep in thought.

“We need to get back to the president’s mansion.”

Gus nods gravely at me. “But it would be hard to find that girl, as the old man says: ‘the president has some places in mind’ quote on quote: places.”

“Then lets look at some places we could find and reconnect them to the places you let me memorized.”

Gus smiled a little, “Great thinking.” He turned to Simon. “Get back to the Place and report to Ms. Red Lady.”

Simon placed his fist in his chest, bows and left away.

[fiction] II
okay so here is the next chapter of my story [fiction].
On the first chapter, was the random lists of some addresses, what is the reason why Ms. Red Lady wants Mr Mc'Brinewood's whole clan dissapear?
:snowflake: hope you like it guys :snowflake:… <<== first chapter
-->> Next Chapter…
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)




In my hands, in my clothes, in my face and…

In the floor.

A city full of sins where innocent people are what we’re fed.

I wipe my blooded hands on my blooded clothes and turn my head toward Gus. “Are we done here?”

Gus threw the stick somewhere and stares. “I guess so.”

Out of nowhere, a shattered glass was heard. In quick movements, I took my pocket knife from my inner jacket and face the area where I heard the noise.

“Who are you?” Said the little girl. “Why are my parents sleeping in the red water?”

I slowly put my pocket knife back at my inner jacket and look back at Gus. He looks at me for a while then shrugs. I took a big sigh as I turn back to look at the girl. “They’re dead, little girl.” I say blandly.

“Sev.” Gus warned.

“You mean mommy and daddy are asleep?” She hugs her Teddy Bear tightly, imploring me with her innocent green eyes.

“Yes. They’re asleep.” I say walking towards her, I rest my hand at her delicate shoulder and ask. “Say, where’s your room? You should rest; your parents are going to wake you up soon.”

The little girl nods and turns back pointing the obvious direction where her room is.

“Seven, it’s a little girl. Don’t you have any mercy?” Gus stands.

I turn my head towards him and press my finger on my lips, signaling him to be silent. In exchange, he gave me a glare that I’m already used to. I followed her through the dark hallway; she stopped at a certain door and stand in tip toes to turn the knob. Her room was lit with nightlight bears. She happily skipped all the way to her bed and sat at its middle, waiting for me to come with her. I walked slowly plastering a fake smile to her.

I let her lie down, still watching me. I pulled up her quilt seeing that her eyes are starting to droop. I brush her blond curls and she smiles faintly.

“Make me go to sleep, mister.” She murmurs. “I want to see my parents.” She smiles at her eyes closed.

For the first time since I've done this, I never felt a sense of regret. I took my pocket knife from my inner jacket, held the little girl’s shoulder with my free hand and let the cold blooded knife run deep her into her neck.

Her breathing stopped.

Blood slowly drips from her closed mouth.

My heartbeat rings in my ears as if I’ve done this for the first time.

I killed the little girl.

Wiping the bloodied knife in my pants I stood up and walked away and slowly closed the door as if the little girl would wake up if I've done it quick.

Walking back to where I left Gus, he’s gone, I look everywhere then saw that their study room was lit and their door was barely open. I took my pocket knife from my inner jacket and carefully walk towards the study room.

“I told you we need this shit to be clean.” Gus stood in front of the President’s study desk.

“It is clean.” I say peeking out behind Gus’ shoulder.

“Hey, memorize this thing.” Gus says giving me the paper.





“These locations don’t make sense.”

Gus compiles the important document as he says. “What part of ‘mystery’ don’t you get?” He taps the piled documents once and inserts them in his trench coat. “Now come on, we have to be there on time.”

“Please me.” A young woman says while pressing her fingers at her glossy red lips.

“The president was killed by Seven.” Gus reports without any expression.

The young woman’s pitch black eyes drone at me, giving out a grin. “As I’d expect from my favorite toy.”

I hated this woman.

I consider her as a whore.

But she’s not a prostitute.

She’s our boss. Though, without her, I won’t be living in a nice place and some good money I get whenever I please her.

I just stare back at her unemotionally.

But she stares at me with affection.

This is what she always does to her toys. Every one of her toys is a male, not woman, nor homosexual. And she pays them for being a gigolo. And I’m one of them.

“So.” Her eyes shift to Gus. “The documents?” She lazily lends out her open hand in a gesture.

Gus clumsily takes the documents out of his trench coat and gives the documents with care to the whore.

Her pitch black eyes shifts page after page then looks under her lashes. “Have you collected all the important ones?”

Gus nods. “Yes, my dear.”

“Do you see any vaults in the house?”

I shook my head. “We didn't have time to look around to find vaults since we lack the time needed.”

The young woman gives a simper smile.

“Do you care to tell me why?”

No. But just for the sake of money. I’ll do it.

I held my open palm and rest it in my chest and bow down. “With all my pleasure.”

The whore gives an evil smile.

so this is the new story I've been working up.... although some of the stories are not at all gory, though there are some scenes there that i wouldn't want to continue since I'm still young so yeah, hope ya'll like this one :snowflake:
although I haven't have any right title for this.
if you have any suggestions please do not hesitate :rose:
Stopwatch by imdangel
Hi guys!
it been a while since I've submitted a work, well apologise for you all, I'm going to graduate just for a month now :heart:
and well this is an old work of mine hope you like him :snowflake:
Dipper Pines_GravityFalls [FINAL] by imdangel
Dipper Pines_GravityFalls [FINAL]
so yeah, ive done this piece a long time ago, like months ago... I'm still in training though, if there is some mistakes please do correct me or give me some advice. I really want to be good at this.
hope you enjoy this art :snowflake:
haha LOL it's been a while since I've posted another journalNew DA Logo (Badges) 

Yeah, so here I'am trying to promote myself that I'm on hiatus... yeah I'm always on hiatus hohoho

but yeah, I've been helping this fellow schoolmate of mine who's still new here (he's a shy dude) but hey, I don't kill people *roll eyes* Am I that scary? haha?:souleatermoon: 

so yeah, let me tell you a great story:

December 9, 2014, a great friend of mine burned my hair, by the left side, almost burned my ear actually so since I can't stand the smell, I'd cut it, it was so funny because at the left side, I got short hair and on the right is long hair, so I've decided to tie my hair, my girl best friend said I look like and anime LOL (a lot of people say that) and after school my mom and I went to a parlor and let this woman decide what will she do to my hair *gasp!* and....

tada!~~Nico Icon 

I got an octopus hair!
with side bangs :p

I never really would have thought that this hair style would look good on me. I'm still trying to cope up with my burned hair *teary-eyed*Sad Cutecookies Mascot 

but I promise you guys that I'll post my new look some time soon

Anyway, have an nice day and a happy new year to all :snowflake:
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